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Proof testing initially took place in an area known as the 'Artillery Garden' just north of the Tower of London the Board's headquarters , and the Master Gunner of England was provided with an official residence nearby. As weapons were growing more powerful, however, it became desirable for them to be proved in less populated areas, and this among other things led to the Crown in the s purchasing an area of open land known as the Warren, at Woolwich in Kent, on the south bank of the Thames the area soon developed into a centre for arms manufacture, and was later renamed the Royal Arsenal.

In the Artillery Garden was sold, and the Master Gunner himself moved to the Warren, where he was housed on site along with the local Ordnance Storekeeper in a Tudor mansion known as Tower Place. Proof testing of guns and artillery continued at the Woolwich site until the midth century, at which point this activity was once again moved to a larger and less populated area: The last Master Gunner to reside at Woolwich Col. George Brown died in ; his successor Capt. The office of Master Gunner of Great Britain became obsolescent after the Board of Ordnance established its Regiment of Artillery at Woolwich in ; in that year, the Master-General recommended its abolition as part of a series of economies, and it disappeared with the death of the last incumbent Col.

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James Pendlebury RA in Master gunner, commonly referred to as "Mike Golf," is also an advanced skill of the armor, infantry and artillery branches of the U. Army, and the tank and assault amphibious vehicle occupational field OccFld 18 of the U. Marine Corps. It requires advanced schooling, and a high degree of skill.

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Only a few of those entering the training school graduate. The rank and rate of master gunner, along with a distinctive insignia, was used by the U. Army during World War I. The primary mission of the army master gunner is to aid and assist commanders at all echelons in the planning, development, execution, and evaluation of all crew-served weapons related training individual, crew, and collective.

The master gunner's main responsibilities are listed above, but may change in scope, depending on the level that he is assigned. The master gunner should not be assigned additional duties other than those listed here. Unit gunnery training programs need a great deal of attention to be effective.

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Works closely with the master gunners at lower echelons to ensure standards are uniform throughout the training programs. Develops the crew evaluator certification program. Provides any new information on ways to improve training.

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Helps develop and upgrade range facilities. Ensures continual education of the master gunners in the battalion. Helps the battalion commander and command sergeant major select master gunner school candidates. Develops new training techniques to improve crew training.

Coordinates with the regiment for training assets. Certifies vehicle crew evaluators.

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Certifies range safety personnel. Coordinates with the battalion S3 to secure company gunnery training assets. Trains crew evaluator. Assists in troubleshooting and maintenance of weapons.

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Develops and conduct training and certification of vehicle crew evaluators. Advises Division Commander of new information on ways to improve training and the tactical capabilities of all weapons and systems. Helps develop and upgrade range facilities to meet the desired training intent. Responsible for coordination logistical support with both organic and outside agencies. Provides accountability of over million dollars' worth of equipment.

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Develops, prepares, and updates lesson plans, supplemental material and examinations for over hours of instruction. Operates and maintains state of the art computer, audio visual and training equipment valued in excess of , dollars. Associate of Arts: