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Windows Phone is not an open source platform and Microsoft has a stricter criteria set than Google about which apps and games can populate their respective marketplaces.

Android OS

As a result, the app store responds with superior and better apps, and cleaner options , than what Android apps can offer. They are consistent, gorgeous, minimalistic and in many cases, look better than they do on Android.

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Facebook integration on Windows Phone also makes it better than Android when it comes to tagging pictures. It also allows you to use your phone contacts as tags.

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You can switch between Facebook chat and normal text messaging with your contacts on Windows Phone. The mobile version is handy for on-the-go professionals. Android comes in so many shapes and sizes, so performance and quality are always a question.

10 Things Windows Phones Do Better Than Android Phones

Windows Phone however works well on all levels of devices from the entry-level Lumia to the high-end Lumia without any noticeable lag whatsoever. Windows Phone allows you to check out your notifications from your lockscreen. Not only you can change Background pictures in Lock screen settings , but Windows Phones also allow the integration of live apps on the lockscreen. Some of the better app integrations are Bing and Facebook. Security is a focus of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility.

Advanced Threat Analytics ATA helps identify breaches and threats using behavioral analysis and provides a clear, actionable report on a simple attack timeline.

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ATA continuously learns from the behavior of organizational entities, and adjusts itself to reflect the changes in rapidly-evolving enterprises. As attacker tactics get more sophisticated, ATA helps companies adapt to the changing nature of cybersecurity attacks with continuously-learning behavioral analytics. With its Advanced Threat Analytics model continuously learning the patterns and habits of organizations, the system only gets better with time.

They have built on the Windows 8 infrastructure which was already secure, and brought improvements that were made popular by their desktop OS Windows 10 to the mobile environment. Apple has made several security improvements on their OS with the release of iOS 10, and Android has improved on security flaws that have plagued them in the past. In , F-Square saw a fold increase in malicious Android installations files jumping from 5, malicious installation files in quarter two to 51, installation files in quarter three.

This can become problematic when we issue new security updates and bug fixes. Windows also conducts random quality control checks of all applications live in the store. Helen has experience in technology marketing and a passion for content creation and brand messaging. She attended the University of South Carolina where she received her B. Outside of work she enjoys volunteering in her community by spending time at the Route 1 Homeless Shelter and helping out at local rescue dog adoption events. Skip to content. This allows businesses to set up accounts from the get-go through MDM providers or internet service providers and manage them even if the person were to leave the company.

This allows revocation if malicious content is found. Since the release of iOS 10 in September, there has been a security flaw found already. Apple added an alternative password verification to iOS 10, which weakened the security of local backups in iTunes. Mobile devices have become both integral and ubiquitous in everyone's lives, and so they have attracted the interest of criminal hackers eager to steal your vital information. Here are a few tips to help you protect yourself.

As InfoWorld notes, all smartphones have three basic elements of security.

Your first major task as a mobile user is to become aware of these layers and enable them in your devices:. Smartphone security depends not only on the phones, but also on the mobile device management MDM technology installed on company servers, that controls and manages device security. Both must work together to provide good security. You need to look at the whole picture. For example, BlackBerry phones are designed and built for business use. Their security is excellent, however BlackBerry offers few popular consumer apps.

You might need another type of smartphone for personal use—including shopping and banking—meaning that you need to be concerned about that phone's security as well. The more devices you use, especially if they are linked together through the cloud or otherwise, the more concerned you should be for the overall security of your mobile network.

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As more and more apps come onto the market, especially for the popular iOS and Android phones, their security is a growing concern no matter which mobile device you use. Mobile technology specialist Ira Grossman, quoted at CRN , says, "if you don't have a secure app, it doesn't matter how secure the operating system is. Most phones have settings that allow you to verify any apps coming from unknown sources before downloading, and as a rule of thumb, you should stick to the Apple, Google Play, or Microsoft stores, rather than third-party app deliverers.

However, always read the reviews, even in the official stores, to make sure you're not adding anything suspicious to your device. Android security has a questionable reputation, mainly because no one owns it—no one regulates what can or cannot be offered as an Android app, or even what can be sold as an Android phone.

But, as Forbes reports, you can secure your Android phone by keeping it updated and avoiding downloading apps of unknown or doubtful origin. More recent Android devices support Google's Android for Work, which is designed to protect workplace applications and uses. In addition, recent Android devices from Samsung also support Samsung's own Knox security technology. Apple's iOS mobile operating system is tightly controlled by Apple itself, which also tightly controls the apps available in the Apple App Store.

This control allows Apple devices to offer good security "out of the box," at the price of some user restrictions.

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  5. For example, iOS only allows one copy of an app on each device. So if a user has a company-provided copy of an app, with security restrictions built in, the user cannot also have an unrestricted version of the same app for personal use. Blackberry also tightly controls devices and apps. Moreover, it is built for MDM, making it easier for a company to manage and protect its devices.