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Organizing tasks using this list view allows for a distraction-free focus zone for managing reminders on your Mac. And the gestures integrate perfectly with your trackpad or Magic Mouse, allowing you to swipe and connect with your tasks. Clear lets you sync with iCloud to link to your iOS devices, so you can access your tasks from anywhere.

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One of the most well-known task management apps, Wunderlist offers a whole range of features for managing reminders. It allows you to add due dates, files, comments, notes, and tags to any of your reminders. Within the dashboard, you can sort reminders into projects, giving you ultimate organization options. Setting up recurring reminders gives you all you need to set up habit-based activities. Microsoft purchased Wunderlist in For now, though, Wunderlist is still touted as one of the best task management tools.

Wunderlist Free. Looking to go a step further with your reminders? Todoist brings high-grade productivity software and combines it with elegant design. Are you using it to its full potential? Get the most out of Todoist and review the features you may have missed.

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Read More. Using natural language input makes it easy to add tasks and due dates in no time. Recurring reminders help you set routine nudges for important activities. The more organized you become, the better. Todoist Free, subscription available.

Reminder and GoodTask: Third-Party Upgrades to Apple’s Reminders

Later is a basic reminder app for iOS and Mac. Its unique approach allows you to plot out reminders based on real-life presets. Scheduling a reminder to appear three hours later or tomorrow evening is a perfect way to plan. You can easily customize the presets and save time by setting specific due dates and timings. Doo delivers a card-based interface with the ability to add open-ended or date-based tasks.

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Create repeating reminders, add checklists on each reminder, customize interval times, and set up presets for morning and evening hours to add reminders in a snap. Like Later, Doo 2 runs from the menu bar and comes highly reviewed thanks to its stunning visuals. You can even set location-based reminders on Doo for when you arrive or leave. And syncing with the iOS app will allow you to stay updated anywhere.

Due delivers the ability to set simple reminders with lots of customization. Use it to create reusable countdown reminders for all your tasks, from kitchen chores to work-based activities. This is one of the features that makes Due stand out in this lineup. Adding new items to Due is basic, but with quick smart input, adding reminders is fast.

How to Use the iOS Reminders App as a Task Manager - Productivityist

Due is smart and reacts to your needs. Many people appreciate GoodTask 3 as an alternative without the need to leave Apple Reminders and Calendar behind. GoodTask 3 allows you to manage your reminders, lists, and calendars using a multitude of viewing options including list, day, week, month, and year view.

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Set a date and time for your reminder. Set a place Open the Reminders app. Search or enter the address where you want to be reminded. You can even use your current location. Choose whether you want a reminder when you leave or arrive at that location. Drag the black dot on the circle in or out to change the perimeter of your reminder area. Tap Details to return to the previous screen, then tap Done. Ask Siri to remind you You can ask Siri to schedule a reminder for you. Here are a few examples: Tap your contact card to add it to My Information. Ask Siri "Remind me about this later. Call someone back later Can't take a call right now?

Organize your reminders Want to separate your reminders into categories like work, personal, or school? Create a new Reminders list Open the Reminders app. Swipe down from the top of a Reminders list, then tap. Tap List, then select the account that you want to add the list to. Name your list and choose a color. Move reminders to a new list Open the Reminders app. Go to a Reminders list and tap a reminder. Tap List and choose the list you want to add the reminder to.

Share a Reminders list Open the Reminders app. Tap Add person, then enter their email address. You can share a Reminders list with anyone signed in to iCloud. When you're finished, tap Done. Set up Reminders with iCloud You can use iCloud to update your reminders across all your devices. Use Notifications on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Learn how to use Siri on your iOS device. Published Date: Mon Sep 17 Yes No.

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