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BlackBerry Curve 9320

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Follow these instructions to turn on BlackBerry Curve Please note: Before using the phone, you need to insert the SIM card and the battery. Click here to see how. Why wasn't this helpful? The article didn't answer my question The article is too long The article is missing important information The article doesn't make any sense.

Thank you, now you can press any tab to choose why this article is not helpful. Press Disconnect until your phone is turned on.

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Enter PIN. Key in your PIN and press the Navigation key.

If your phone rejects the SIM: Contact your distributor or service provider where you bought your phone. Turn off your phone. Press and hold Disconnect until your phone is turned off.

Turn your phone on and off - BlackBerry Curve 9320

Please let us know how we could improve our device guides Enter your comments here then click the 'Send' button. Reset my password. A simple method to verify this issue is by testing the charger on a functioning compatible phone. If the trial phone does not charge, then replace the charger.

If neither the battery and charger are identified as the problem, there may be an issue with the Micro-USB Port that connects the charger to the phone. Connect your device to a computer with BlackBerry desktop software. Restore your device software and install the latest update if available. Then press the same button to turn the phone back on. This will allow the phone to reboot if it was overwhelmed with the amount of applications running.

This can alleviate the problem momentarily but if it continues to happen regularly then a more serious issue may be the cause. The problem may be due to a bug in the software or an application being incompatible with the Operating System the phone is running.

How to Reset a BlackBerry Curve When it Doesn't Turn On | Synonym

Update the software by connecting the phone with the computer and downloading the latest version from BlackBerry. This will reset the phone to its original factory settings and wipe all internal memory not stored on the SIM card. Perform a system backup before attempting this option. If all previous options have been exhausted and the phone continues to periodically freeze than the motherboard may be the issue. The screen will not light up, but the phone still has other capabilities receiving calls, connecting to computer, etc. This will perform a reset which will restore various settings to their original factory levels including backlighting and could alleviate the problem.

The tutorial on removing and replacing the battery can be seen here. The screen may have lost functionality due to a physical defect, for instance a crack. Check for visible signs of wear or fracture.


If a physical defect is shown then the screen may need to be replaced see guide here. If there are no visible signs of damage to the screen and the problem has not occurred before then it may be a software issue that involves a bad motherboard. If this is the case then the motherboard must be replaced following the tutorial seen here.