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Internet Explorer 7 or later. See More Games. Reviews at a Glance. The Magic Convention 0 out of 5 0 Reviews Review. Customer Reviews. The Magic Convention is rated 3. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Gameritis50 from Review of a finished game Perfect game for a beginner as well as the advanced player.

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The items are small as compared to todays HO. If you find the small hidden ferry, she will find 1 object for you. If you are not sure, click on it anyway, instead of passing them by. Loading time is fast, the music adds to the ambiance of the game. Unlock parts of the castle to move on. You are timed, but if you fail, you can replay or move on. Rated 5 out of 5 by jil1 from Gorgeous HOG Some items are very hard to find, but, it is a beautiful game, in spite of the hints you have to use. I love to fix up buildings in the scenes and I buy all games I have to do that.

The castle becomes gorgeous when you finish it. The magicians, the fairies and witches are very beautiful and is a light game. Just to have fun. Lately all the HOGs are so dark, vampires, death, ills, too much blood, murders and dark scenes. I prefer games that I can enjoy myself, happy games. Rated 5 out of 5 by Ruckus from Challenging Yet FUN! After reading the reviews of how challenging the scenes were in this game, I just had to try it. I have to agree with the other reviewers, for the most part.

The scenes are stunning looking and the items all blend in very well with their environment, offering much more of a challenge that the majority of HOGs out there. But, all in all, it still had an engaging story, beautiful scenes that can also be unlocked to use as wallpaper , and some interesting puzzles.

Each scene led so perfectly into the next that it was hard to find a good stopping spot! So, if you're looking for a challenge and a magical, fairy tale storyline, the Chronicles of Albian is for you!

It has been a long time since I played a straight hidden object game, and I didn't realize how much i had missed it. The storyline is charming, light-hearted, and magical- you need to help restore the castle for an upcoming magic convention. The story is cute, but not intrusive, so you are never more than a few clicks away from the next hidden object scene. There are some nice puzzles that pop up on occasion, though they are all skippable. Since they provide extra money for restoring the castle, I solved all the ones I cam across.

It is the HO scenes that really drive the game play. Every room is bursting at the seams with cleverly hidden items. It has been a long time since I had to work so hard to find the items on my list- not because they are small or hard to make out, but because the placement was very clever. There are also gems which give more money for fixing up the castle , wands which give you more hints , and fairies who uncover items for you hidden in each scene. Any time I can't find an item on the list I search for one of those, and by the time I've grabbed a few jewels or picked up a new wand, suddenly my fresh perspective uncovers the item I was having trouble with.

There is also a nice bonus for finding items quickly, one after the other, so as my skills starten to sharpen, I would find 4 or 5 items before starting to click them to get big bonuses. This is a very straightforward hidden object game, but it is so well executed that it really grabbed me. I was shocked when the trial ended so quickly Rated 5 out of 5 by GypsyBeLoved from Magically delightful After reading the reviews I decided to give this game a shot and I loved it!

It's a really long game which I enjoy as well as a challange. The HOS are not easy. A lot of the items are small and very well hidden. If you are a HOS lover, and love a challange this is the game for you. I like the storyline being the niece of a fairy godmother and having my name in the story line, the music is lovely and over all it's a lot of fun.

I bought it in the first 10 minutes of the demo. Rated 5 out of 5 by stars4J from This is fun to play! The graphics are absolutely gorgeous, and as a bonus you get all the lovely scenes as wallpaper. There are many HO scenes, plus hidden gems, etc. The Dreamless Castle game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with.

Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help. Have fun! Big Fish Blog Walkthroughs Awakening: The Dreamless Castle Walkthrough. This walkthrough was created by Margie B. The game is not timed; however the game will keep track of your overall playing time. Skipping mini-games adds 10 minutes to your overall time. When you see a magnifying glass appear in scene it means it is an area of interest. You can click on that item for a closer look or to obtain clues regarding the game. A single sparkle in a scene symbolizes an area of interest.

A cluster of floating stars indicates a Hidden Object Scene. Journal Your journal holds vital information for solving mini-games, interesting tidbits about the story and information found on notes in various parts of the castle. The journal can be viewed at anytime by clicking on it in the lower left corner of each scene. Click on the arrows at the bottom of the journal to scroll through all available pages.

Each page in the journal has a title above it for easy reference. Each time an entry gets added to your journal, it will start flashing. Mini-games There are over 10 assorted mini-games in this game. Some of them repeat themselves but they may be variations of the same puzzle. All puzzles and mini-games can be skipped once the skip button becomes available, which can take several minutes to do.

Some puzzles offer a Restart button in the upper right which allows you to reset the puzzle. You can also reset any puzzle or mini-game by exiting out of it.

Skipping puzzles will add 10 minutes to your overall playing time. Inventory Inventory items can be picked up in Hidden Object Scenes or in any of the scenes in the game. Inventory items found in a Hidden Object Scene will not be revealed to you until you complete that round. The inventory items will be stored in the tray at the bottom of each scene.

Use the arrows on the left and right side of the inventory tray to sort through all available items. To use an inventory item, pick it up and click it onto the area you wish to use it in. Some items in your inventory will be stackable, meaning you can find several pieces of the same item but they will remain in one box in the tray. Hints Click on Mira, the Hint Fairy in the lower right to use a hint. She is available for use when she is in a standing position.

If she is kneeling down it means she is recharging. A sparkly circle will appear over an item on your list in the Hidden Object Scenes. The Hint Fairy can also be used to figure out what you have to do in a room. These hints will be shown in order of priority from highest to lowest. Hints are unlimited but they need to recharge before they can be used again. During mini-games and puzzles the Hint Fairy can give you extra clues that are not given in the instructions.

Chapter 1 Bedroom Click on the egg-shaped jewelry box on the dresser for a closer look. You need to find a key for it, close the pop-up box for now. Click on the balcony to enter it. Go back inside. Click on the jewelry box one more time. Inside you will find Mira, your Hint Fairy. She gives you a note from the Queen and wants you to return the note to her messenger who is waiting by the pond. Click on the locked chest in the lower right and you will be asked to find 6 discs. Click on the chest for a closer view. Rotate the discs by clicking on them until they form the pattern shown on the screenshot.

Click on the closet door on the left to trigger a Hidden Object Scene. Click on the mirror on the left one more time. Notice the symbols above the mirror, the snowflake, the heart and the butterfly. Click on the large mirror on the right. Click on the symbols to change them. Place the symbols from left to right in this order to solve the puzzle: Snowflake — Heart — Butterfly. Click on the small gold button in the lower left to enter your selection. Click on the large mirror on the right to head towards South Tower Landing. Chapter 2 South Tower Landing Click on the angel in the upper center.

Then click on the journal to read the entry. Click on the vines on the back wall for a closer look. Click on the inscription above the vines. It states the only a ballerina can make the flowers bloom. There are several flowers missing in the close-up view, close the pop-up window. Pay attention to the color pattern above the back wall, you need that for the next puzzle. Click on the panel on the left for a closer look. Behind the disc there is an imprint of a flower. Click on the switch at the bottom of the panel. Guest Room Door Puzzle Click on the door on the left to trigger a puzzle.

Your goal is to place the lights in the correct order. Click on 2 lights and they will swap places. The solution for this puzzle can be found by looking at the ceiling design. Please place the lights in this order: Click on the door to enter the guest room. Click on the storybook to the right of the bed.

The Magic Castle

You will see images of The 4 Brave Animals. This image will be added to your journal. Click on the area on top of the dresser on the right to trigger a puzzle. Your goal is to mix and match the clothes until the bears are dressed properly. Click on 2 clothing items to swap their positions.

Make sure that you swap out the shirts, arms, pants and shoes. The picture in the upper right corner gives you a clue on the proper attire for each bear. You can also match the headbands to the color of the outfits. Please look at the screenshot for the solution. The left teddy bear should be dressed in brown, the middle in pink and the last one in blue.

Ballerina Puzzle Click on the music box on the pedestal for a closer view. Click on the music box once all pieces are in place. The solution is random. Each time you click on the wrong pattern, you will have to start over with a new pattern. After the game gives you the sequence, the middle ballerina will crouch down. Once a sequence has been duplicated, the middle ballerina will strike a new pose. If you fail to duplicate the sequence, the middle ballerina will return to her original position. Correctly identify 3 patterns to win the game.

Click on the wreath the top ballerina is holding for a closer view. You will receive a message that flowers should be blooming in the next room. You will need the pattern of this wreath for a future puzzle. Go back to South Tower Landing. South Tower Landing Collect the 9 flowers shown on the screenshot. Click on the vines on the back wall to trigger a puzzle.

Your goal is to arrange the flowers according to the image of the flowers in the ballerina puzzle. Click on any 2 flowers to swap their positions. Go through the portal that appears once the puzzle has been completed. Click on the guard goblin by the door. He wants you to solve the Goblinjong box.

This action triggers a puzzle. Goblinjong Puzzle Your goal in this puzzle is to match the tiles in pairs until you can find the keys hidden below the tiles. Click on two matching available tiles to eliminate them off the board. If a tile is not highlighted you cannot click on it. Once the 2 keys are available, click on them to end that round.

Complete 3 rounds to win this game. Click on the box in the lower right for a closer view. Statue Puzzle Click on the broken piece in front of the fountain to trigger a puzzle. Your goal is to piece the statue back together. Drag the pieces scattered around the scene into the silhouette of the statue in the middle of the field. Correct pieces will lock into place. Click on the box on the left side of the water. Pick up the SUN inside the box. Click on the door for a closer view. Place the SUN on the door. Click on the door to enter the Garden. Chapter 4 The Garden You can access different areas from this scene.

On the left you can reach the Pond. On the right you can access the Carriage House. Click on the door to enter a Hidden Object Scene. Pick up the RAKE in the upper left and it will be added to your inventory at the end of your search. Place the RAKE on the pile of leaves close to the statue to discover a trapdoor. You need something to pry it open, you can come back to this area later. Click on the right side of the screen to reach the Carriage House. Click on the swing seat for a closer view. The pattern on the cushion enters your journal. Click on the fairy ring in the lower left.

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle Walkthrough

You need a basket to pick them up, you can come back to this area later. Click on the trough in the lower right for a closer view to see a bunch of hay. Go left to return to the Garden. There is a crest below the trapdoor which is missing its symbols. Close out of that view for now. Click on the left door to receive a message which states that only the pure of heart can pass through that field.

Click on the trapdoor for a closer view. Colored buttons appear after the symbols have been placed correctly. Use the symbols of the 4 Brave Animals in your journal to solve this puzzle. Push the buttons in the following order: Yellow — Purple — Blue — Red. Go left to reach the Pond. The Pond Click on the pigeon on the right.

Click on the Goblin Heads above the statue on the left for a closer look. Pay attention to the expressions on their faces. Go back to the Carriage House. The solution to this puzzle can be found on the swing seat outside the Carriage House. Your goal is to form the correct image. Click on two pieces and they will swap positions. A piece placed correctly will lock into place. Enter through the door upon completing the puzzle. Mathematical Barrel Puzzle Click on the barrel on the lower right to trigger a puzzle. Your goal is to move the numbers so they all add up to the center number which is You can only swap out the numbers on the white tiles only.

The top section has already been solved for you. For the solution place the white tiles in this order, starting from the top and going clockwise: Click on the trunk to trigger a Hidden Object Scene.

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Click on each tile to change the images of the goblin heads. The heads should be placed from lightest to darkest. Another puzzle will appear as soon as that puzzle has been solved.

The Lost Kingdom (The Magic Castle - Mystery Adventure): Walkthrough | AppUnwrapper

Find Identical Beans In this puzzle you have to click on the 2 beans that are identical. Find 5 sets of beans to complete this puzzle. The solution to this puzzle is random. Click on the front of the carriage to trigger a puzzle. Drag the pieces scattered around the scene into the silhouette of the unicorn in the middle of the field. Go back to the Pond. Click on the window above the vine to enter the Alchemy Lab.

Alchemy Lab Click on the Alchemist to talk to him. He tells you there is a stone behind the wall that bears your name. Once you find it return to the lab and place it in the magnifier. If you click on the torch stand, the Alchemist will tell you not to touch it.

Click on the panel on the left for a closer view. Behind the disc there is an imprint of a potion bottle. Go to the Pond. Click on the stone wall to trigger a puzzle. Swap the pieces around to form the correct image. Click on two pieces and they will swap places. Your goal is to eliminate all the butterflies by clicking on matching pairs. Click on 2 matching butterflies to eliminate them. It will be entered into your inventory. Go back inside the lab. Alchemy Lab Click on the magnifier on the table. Click on the vials in the upper center.

Your goal is to mix the right combination of colors in order to form the color shown at the bottom of each set of vials. Click on the color above the vials to add it to your cursor. Place that color into the vial of your choice. The solution is as follows: Click on the alchemy book on the table, it states: Click on the torch stand in the back of the room. Click on the potion maker on the left. Go back to the Garden. Go through the door to enter the Kitchen. Chapter 5 Kitchen From this scene you can access the Pantry on the left, the Hallway on the right and the Garden by clicking downwards.

Behind the disc there is an engraving of a cauldron. Go right to access the Hallway. Go down and then left to access the Pantry. Pantry Click on the hungry goblin.

How to open the emblem of the castle?

He asks you to cook him some stew. He says that all you have to do is get the fire going and place the vegetables in the cauldron. Pick up the CANE on the left side of the door. Place the CANE on the cauldron in the top left to knock it down to the floor. Go to the Hallway by going right and entering through the left door. Pick up the KEY that appears in front of the fireplace. Go back to the pantry on the left. Click on the cabinet on the right for a closer look. Place the KEY on the lock. Grab the SOAP inside the cupboard.

Pick up the RAG inside the cupboard. Go back to the Kitchen. Click on the washbasin on the floor for a closer view. Place the SOAP in the cauldron. Put the RAG on the cauldron to dry it off. Cook Goblin Stew Mini-game Your goal is to add the ingredients into the pot in the order the game shows you. Add the ingredients by clicking on the correct food containers on top of the screen.

The game shows you which ingredients to use directly above the cauldron. The matching ingredient on top of the screen will light up as well for easy identification. A steamy white heart appears over the cauldron when items are placed correctly. If you placed the wrong ingredients in the cauldron a purple fog will appear instead. The cauldron will fill up after each set of correct ingredients.

Go left. Go back to the Pantry. Wine Cellar The scene is still dark when you enter. Click on the tapestry on the ground to remove it.