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We have rolled out roughly iPads to our students in K and have found the impact to be pretty significant. It all came together in about 90 days which was a challenge, but well worth the effort. Apps to add may be iStudiez Pro hwk appa and studio pro a great art app. Thanks for the list and sharing. Thanks so much Pete. Congratulations on the iPad implementation. This app is designed for Students who want to learn Abacus and Soroban. Sorobacus HD teaches addition and subtraction using a method known as Mechanization. Hi, could you please include our app as well: Very useful to teach science, graphs, units, etc.

Pete, I am opening an new middle school campus that will be 1: We are also moving toward this.

French for Kids: Toddler and Up

I want to go see someone that has already done this in middle school. I am in Northern California.

Highlighting Unique and Innovative Educational Uses of Apple's iPad

Does anyone have suggestions? How exactly are teachers using the ipad in a day to day classroom setting? Are there suggestions to get around this or how are teachers incorporating the ipad into their actual lessons????? I would like to second groovy grader. This app filled a much needed spot on the market.

One of the best teacher apps out there. Is there any website as good as this one to share how to use android devices such as motorola xoom in classrooms? I have an opportunity to get an iPad to try with my students. I would just have the one and am looking for ideas for ways to use it in this unique way.

iPad Apps for Middle School | iPad in Schools

I teach middle school Language Arts and Computers. Thank you! What a great opportunity. Ask a small group of students to do some research on iPad applications for Language Arts. If you have wifi access you can have the students use the iPad for that research. Ask the students to come up with 6 options or more.

Encourage them to stretch their creativity to see which apps might be fun — and which apps might teach them interesting things. Have them identify the apps they like and tell you why they would want them. Keep in mind that there are no translations at all, a sign that the website is made for natives and is as authentic as it gets.

FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons. You can browse videos by difficulty beginner to native , topic arts and entertainment, health and lifestyle, etc. FluentU brings authentic French videos within reach of any learner. Aside from being able to incorporate the videos into your regular classroom activities, you can assign your students videos for homework and track their progress individually.

Developed by European broadcast network TV5Monde, it includes 80 activities to learn French that are all ranked by level. Your students can start by taking a quick test to determine their exact level. Encourage them to take it so they know exactly where they fit. All lessons are accompanied with exercises and memos to recap key phonetics, grammar, vocabulary and culture points. You can easily incorporate the website in your French class, either as complementary activities that students can do at home or together in class using a projector and screen.

Lessons and courses include video and audio content with transcripts, interactive games, vocabulary cards, grammar explanations and exercises. Equally fun for children and adults, we particularly like the format of their French syllabus , especially efficient for teachers who like to stay organized. With an extensive library of courses and exercises that discuss the head-scratching parts of French read: What French teacher never felt overwhelmed by the spate of questions from their students about the origins of a seemingly nonsensical French idioms?

This website makes it easy on you!

French Apps for Kids

With an almost endless list of French idioms explained, this is the ultimate guide to making teaching idioms easy and interesting. It also includes examples to show proper usage in context and translations!


Free or paid, this is an amazing resource for your French history buff learners, and a great way for you to introduce a part of French culture that is often overlooked by French teachers. Learning the French language through French history can be as exciting as it is enriching. This is the ultimate, most authentic resource for advanced to fluent learners, and it can be fantastic for you to bring to the classroom to make your lessons more interactive provided that you have a video projector and a wifi connection.

And if you know where to look, it can be great for beginners, too! France 5. Now, keep in mind that it does require that you do a bit of searching; the network offers a wide array of programs, debates and documentaries that discuss subjects as wide as social issues, politics, health, cooking, arts or history. You have the option to include French subtitles in all videos as well! An old favourite here at Fluent in 3 Months Fi3M , Duolingo is an incredibly useful app for building basic vocabulary and grammar skills. Hello-World is a free project whose goal is to teach world languages to children through fun and educational immersion activities.

They have succeeded phenomenally, with over activities for French alone! When you click on any object in a game, you hear its pronunciation by a native French speaker, along with the spelling in a caption on the bottom of the screen. For older kids, other activities include vocabulary Bingo, number matching, logic puzzles, and about others!

Monde des Titounis. This website is an absolute gold mine, containing a little bit of all of the above suggestions. The fairy tales and other stories are actually narrated videos that let you turn the captioning on or off. Depending where you live, there might also be some French-speaking families nearby who would love to give their children some exposure to French outside their home. So, why not start a French playgroup? There are resources all over the web on how to go about starting a bilingual playgroup.

The website Bilingual Parenting has put together some very useful guidelines to help you start your own local group, including some advice on how to grow your membership and keep them coming back for years. Have you helped your children learn French? Benny Lewis Founder, Fluent in 3 Months.

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