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You can choose the small, boxed minus signs to collapse or expand blocks of code. This code outlining feature lets you hide code you don't need, helping to minimize onscreen clutter. The project files are listed on the right side in a window called Solution Explorer. Now, start the app. You can do this by choosing Start Without Debugging from the Debug menu on the menu bar.

Visual Studio builds the app, and a console window opens with the message Hello World! You now have a running app! Let's add some additional code to the app. Add the following C code before the line that says Console. WriteLine "Hello World! This code displays What is your name? Change the line that says Console. Let's look at a couple of the ways that refactoring and IntelliSense can help you code more efficiently.

Select the light bulb icon to show the available Quick Actions. Select Rename 'name' to 'username'. Now let's take a look at IntelliSense. Below the line that says Console. A box displays the members of the DateTime class. In addition, the description of the currently selected member displays in a separate box.

Select the member named Now , which is a property of the class, by double-clicking on it or pressing Tab. Complete the line of code by adding a semi-colon ;. Write is a little different to Console. WriteLine in that it doesn't add a line terminator after it prints. That means that the next piece of text that's sent to the output will print on the same line. You can hover over each of these methods in your code to see their description.

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Next, we'll use refactoring again to make the code a little more concise. Click the screwdriver icon to see what suggestions Visual Studio has available. In this case, it's showing the Inline temporary variable refactoring to remove a line of code without changing the overall behavior:. The output looks something like this:. When you write code, you need to run it and test it for bugs. Visual Studio's debugging system lets you step through code one statement at a time and inspect variables as you go.

You can set breakpoints that stop execution of the code at a particular line. You can observe how the value of a variable changes as the code runs, and more. Let's set a breakpoint to see the value of the username variable while the program is "in flight". Find the line of code that says Console. To set a breakpoint on this line of code, that is, to make the program pause execution at this line, click in the far left margin of the editor. You can also click anywhere on the line of code and then press F9.

When the console window appears and asks for your name, type it in and press Enter. Notice that the focus returns to the Visual Studio code editor and the line of code with the breakpoint is highlighted in yellow.

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This signifies that it's the next line of code that the program will execute. Hover your mouse over the username variable to see its value. Alternatively, you can right-click on username and select Add Watch to add the variable to the Watch window, where you can also see its value. To get more details about debugging in Visual Studio, see Debugger feature tour. You can personalize the Visual Studio user interface, including change the default color theme. To change to the Dark theme:. Get acquainted with the code editor in Learn to use the code editor. Learn how Visual Studio organizes code in Learn about projects and solutions.

If you're ready to dive into more coding, one of the following language-specific quickstarts is a good next step:.

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Use Visual Studio to create your first Python web app. Use Visual Studio to create your first C web app. Use Visual Studio to create your first F web app. Use Visual Studio to create your first Node. Our feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. Read more on our blog. Exit focus mode. In this article. This image shows Visual Studio with an open project and several key tool windows you'll likely use: Editions Visual Studio is available for Windows and Mac. Popular productivity features Some of the popular features in Visual Studio that help you to be more productive as you develop software include: Refactoring Refactoring includes operations such as intelligent renaming of variables, extracting one or more lines of code into a new method, changing the order of method parameters, and more.

IntelliSense IntelliSense is a term for a set of features that displays information about your code directly in the editor and, in some cases, write small bits of code for you. The following illustration shows how IntelliSense displays a member list for a type: Quick Launch Visual Studio can seem overwhelming at times with so many menus, options, and properties. Squiggles and Quick Actions Squiggles are wavy underlines that alert you to errors or potential problems in your code as you type. Call Hierarchy The Call Hierarchy window shows the methods that call a selected method.

CodeLens CodeLens helps you find references to your code, changes to your code, linked bugs, work items, code reviews, and unit tests, all without leaving the editor. Peek Definition The Peek Definition window shows the definition of a method or type without actually opening a separate file.

Install the Visual Studio IDE This overview article walks you through creating a simple project and trying some of the things you can do with Visual Studio, like changing the color theme, using IntelliSense as a coding aid, and debugging an app to see the value of a variable during the program's execution. Create a program Let's dive in and create a simple program. Note If you don't see the. Gracias Julita por compartir tu experiencia. No me parece que sea bueno ni malo, si es vuestra circunstancia familiar es inevitable. Tiempo al tiempo. Muchas gracias por el comentario. Excelente web!

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