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Level 37 piano code? Cant get it the code on the piano Level 22 last grid to open door What is required in this puzzle. I tried lignin up 2 by 2 or 3 by 3. What needs to be done?

Can you escape 3D: Cruise Ship – Guides and FAQs

Stuck on Level 19 I stuck part color pattern on the floor, anyone know how? Level 14 how do I get out of room? What's the code please ive tried all ways upside down back to front Need Help? Ask A Question Here! Copyright - ChapterCheats. Turn back to the 3 doors , the middle door is the reception desk. Enter and turn right. Slide the planter and take the magnet. Use the magnet under the loveseat behind you.

Take the siver key.

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Also there's a keycard behind a loveseat cushion on the other side of the room. Now exit out to the hall and turn left. Go down 2 halls and use the keycard on room Find another key under the bathroom sink. Exit this room and turn right. Next left down to the single blue door. You can use the gold key here and come back to it later.

Now head back down to the reception desk middle of the 3 blue doors Give the man at the desk the siver key. Use on the safe in room Take the coins and return to the single blue door that you unlocked.

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Give the coins to the man at the bar. He'll give you a glass of wine and his keycard and ask you to get his wallet from his room. While you're here, you can also grab a screwdriver.

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It's on a seat in the back right corner of the bar. Now exit the bar and turn right,down to room Use the keycard you got from the bartender. Notice the box on the bed with levers.


The solution is in the picture above the chair. Now head to the three doors where the reception desk is but turn to your left. Use the screwdriver on the panel and then insert the fuse. Now you take the elevator to the second floor!

Room 4 - Can You Escape 2 Guide

Go out to the hall and turn left and down 2 halls to the single blue door. Give the dealer the cash. When he asks " do you want a new card? Head back to the elevator area but turn right. Use the gold card on this door.

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