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USCIS focuses on two key points on the immigrant's journey towards civic integration: A lawful permanent resident is eligible to become a citizen of the United States after holding the Permanent Resident Card for at least five continuous years, with no trips out of the United States lasting days or more. If, however, the lawful permanent resident marries a U.

USCIS handles all forms and processing materials related to immigration and naturalization. USCIS currently handles two kinds of forms: Forms are designated by a specific name, and an alphanumeric sequence consisting of one letter, followed by two or three digits. Forms related to immigration are designated with an I for example, I, Permanent Resident Card and forms related to naturalization are designated by an N for example, N , Application for Naturalization.

The site was redesigned in and unveiled on September 22, The redesign made the web page interface more like the Department of Homeland Security's official website. The last major redesign before took place in October This system allows people with questions about immigration to come into their local USCIS office and speak directly with a government employee about their case and so on.

USCIS consists of approximately 19, federal employees and contractors working at offices around the world. Among other changes, the phrase "America's promise as a nation of immigrants" was eliminated, a move that drew criticism from immigration rights advocates and praise from those in favor of tighter restrictions on immigration. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Center for Immigration Studies. Further information: USCIS immigration forms.

Government of the United States portal. United States Office of Personnel Management. Retrieved 24 January Fiscal Year " PDF. Most importantly, Attorney Foley was with me on the…. Attorney Foley handled our adjustment of status case.

He took care of all the forms, all supporting documentation and prepared us for our interview with U. Not only did he tell us what they were going to ask us in the interview, he told us what to bring to the interview and even how…. Attorney John Foley helped me get my U. His help through the whole process was more helpful than at the interview itself. He was always available no matter what question I had. Even if the question now in retrospect sounded silly, he was patient answering every concern I had. He made jokes and made…. Attorney Foley helped make our dream of being together a reality.

My husband and I are from different corners of the world. We met, fell in love and wanted to live together in the United States. Dealing with the U. Immigration service was difficult. There were forms and attachments and requests for all types of…. I recommend Attorney Foley for immigration matters. He explained the immigration procedure to me so I knew what to expect when we went for our interview.

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