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Installing themes on your iOS device without a jailbreak

The install comes with more than individually crafted icons, as well as plus alternative icons. There are also preference icons, status bar themes, and two different Control Center options to choose from.

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One important thing to note here is that it works with Anemone only, not WinterBoard. Jelly 3 offers plus white and normal colored glyphs, as well as 3 different icon styles to suit all tastes. There are lock sounds, Messages UI, and much, much more. Kecil is an extensive, and unbelievably eye-pleasing piece of work. This is the true definition of a minimalist, pastel-themed piece of work. There are over icons, 2 icon masks, a Control Center theme, as well as a status bar theme and much more. This is just pure simplicity and beauty. There are a staggering icons that simply take the elegance of an iOS device and enhance it further.

Enlightened is a glyph-based theme for iOS. The theme features folder icons, UI-style badges, and a dark and light theme for both moods. This a beautiful theme for those iOS device owners who prefer to have their devices live on the dark side.

iSkin : make & install iOS themes on your iPhone & iPad without jailbreak !

There are icons, a stunning Control Center UI, as well as keyboard sounds and two different mask themes. Subscribe to our RSS Feed! Any suggestions? Am I waiting for an updated Winterboard or am I doing something wrong? I have just installed both Winterboard and Anemone and thus far only using the latter.

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I make about 6. Making these bookmarks requires a little elbow grease, but if you're not afraid of getting your hands dirty, it could be worth your time. You're sure to impress your iPhone-friends with your assortment of custom app icons. To learn how to create custom bookmarks for all of your apps, check out our guide below. If you don't want to take the time to design bookmarks yourself, why not let someone else do it for you? Enter iSkin.

This site lets you download groups of themed bookmarks to your iPhone. Not only can you download entire packs of apps, but if you like one app from one themed group and one themed app from another group, you can download them individually as you see fit. To get started, check out our guide below.

You'll find iSkin's site can be a bit tough to navigate alone, but just follow along with us and you'll have a suite of new app icons at your fingertips.

If your iPhone is jailbroken , you can use themes from Cydia to actually change the app icons on your home screen. There are many, many ways to snag new themes and looks for your iPhone, but a lot of them will cost money. And some might only support certain iOS versions, especially since there isn't even an official Cydia for iOS 11 yet.

You can use tweaks found in Cydia to change the appearance of your home screen as well. You can use AppCon supports iOS 11! If you really want to change the way iOS looks and run, jailbreaking is really the way to go.

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Of course, it's also the most intensive and invasive method of the bunch, and Saurik has not completed the official Cydia for iOS 11 yet. If your iPhone is already jailbroken, or you're feeling up to the challenge, explore all jailbreaking has to offer. If not, you just might want to stick with the other methods. Don't Miss: More Info: Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts.