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The game has only one bad side, it has an in-game currency called flooz that can be purchased with real money from the app store.

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For a casual play the game rewards some amounts of flooz from different sources but in a very slow pace. So for players to stand out from the crowd they will need a large amount of flooz which they can only get from spending real money on the app store. So players to avoid spending hundreds of dollars for a handfull of flooz, they can use Happy Street Cheats.

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But such tools are hard to find and very few work and are safe to use. So if you are here you can consider that search over because this Happy Street Hack is the safest you can ever find and it actually does its job properly and fast. This Happy Street Cheat can generate unlimied amounts of flooz with only a few clicks in a matter of seconds. Below are the hack tool and its features that what this hack tool can do for you in the game.

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Battlestone puts you into a fantasy world full of elves, archers, dwarves with axes, huge guys with clubs, goblins and the like, and sets you into a world where you have to try to […Read More]. Welcome to part 3 of the Running With Friends tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

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Recently, Running With Friends was updated by Zynga, adding a new power up that can greatly increase your score. If you see what looks like a letter tile, but has a […Read More].

War of the Fallen, the new Zynga card battler for the iPhone and iPad and other iOS devices, contains two different main types of currency. In this game you can earn coins and gems.

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Gems are the premium currency of the game, and the ones that can buy you special items and extremely rare cards. War of the Fallen is the latest card battler by Zynga, who had major success with the smash hit Ayakashi Ghost Guild last year. You collect and battle cards, and the attack and defense of each card, and of your entire party in general, determine whether you win or lose, and strengthening your cards will […Read More].