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If the Server name value is outlook. If the Server name value is not outlook. For example if the server name is mail. If your email program is not able to automatically find your Exchange ActiveSync server name, you may need to look it up. The Exchange ActiveSync server name partner. Follow these steps to determine your Exchange ActiveSync server name. If the Server name shows partner. If the Server name value is in the format podxxxxx. If you don't accept the policies sent to your mobile phone, you won't be able to access your information on your mobile phone. If your email account is the type that requires registration, you must register it the first time you sign in to Outlook Web App.

Connecting to your email account through a mobile phone will fail if you haven't registered your account through Outlook Web App. After you sign in to your account, sign out. Then try to connect using your mobile phone. Android mobile setup. Windows Phone setup. Other mobile devices. Troubleshooting on Mobile. Have a different plan? Click here if you need help finding your Exchange server name. Get support. Expand your Office skills. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Any other feedback? Well, I tried! Thanks again. How can I transfer the contacts from phonecopy to my Nokia C?

If I follow the description I can only transfer the contacts from my cell phone to phonecopy. As description for both ways is the same it does not work this way. We found you successfully synchronized contacts from the server to device. Hi there, I can't find any of my Nokia contacts on PhoneCopy.

Would you be able to check please? Hi, it seems your Nokia was synchronizing four times but it never sent any contact to server. I have a Nokia E51, and the whole transfer worked great! I can see my contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes. Ideally, they should show up in the "Reminders" app on the iPhone or on the Mac. Any help is greatly appreciated! Hi, the best possibility is to connect your iPhone or Mac using CalDav. It is possible on following page https: Thanks so much, it worked perfectly! I removed phonecopy accounts from my contacts,how do I get them back Hi, which phone you have?

Hello, according to our log, all your contacts should be synced to your Nokia phone. If you have another phone, just set up it in the same fashion to load contacts into. If you have trouble, please send us your IMEI number using the form at https: Then please follow our guide https: I urgently need guidance to get my backup on phone copy onto my nokia Lumia windows phone.

I set up my account and then while trying to sync and after connecting to internet it keeps telling me system error. Which phone model you have? Hi, may i know what is the ID for sync server? It depends of exact model of your phone. Please check our guide. Please check all steps from our guide. We didn't find your phone connecting to our server https: Thanks for reply. I set up everything as per your guide. This is what it says - I have tried everything - please help! We have a record of successful synchronization, but the authentification data do not match.

Username or password in the device is different from the username and password entered into this form. You can check it when you will check the configuration.


I synchronised the data in my nokia phone. But after that when i went to online it web not supported. I assigned it for you manually. Now it seems to be working. I syncronised my contacts from Nokia X to Phone Copy but now I lost my all contacts on my phone , so please tell me that how can I copy contacts from Phone Copy to my phone - Nokia X This is very confusing. I have set up an account on my Lumia despite the instructions being wrong but that is as far as I can get.

My device, I presume they mean my phone, is not thereafter recognised. I note that I have not so far been asked anything about my PC which I want to syncronise the phone with. Hi, can you please explain the scenario which you are looking for? We will send you correct tutorial. Made a bit of progress now I need to enter the path to my Contacts file on my PC. I cant find any way to do it, where it says 'Pick' it is I think C: A different version of it which I think is wrong which I can copy into 'create a new Folder' results in Contacts being reported as 'empty' which it is not.

Hi Bobo, can you see fields to fill? Account name: PhoneCopy Settings' name: Mark the data you wish to synchronise. Database addresses: Contacts database contacts Calendar database calendar Notes database notes User name: Cannot figure out - Sync with my Nokia goes without any error messages but changes made here are not transferred to phone.

Replied via email. If somebody interesting in: Problem was with the picture size I uploaded here. Keep them less than pix per side and less than kB jpg or png and problem disappears. Thanks Martin for cooperation and hints: Server Sync" gives this Message, "Data transfer not possible. Then please check if your mobile internet is working and data transfers are enabled on your SIM card.

When I try to sync it gives me a massage: Hello, we cleaned up your device records with old password. You can now set up your device, use your current password. Hi, I have the same issue after I changed the password on the website. Same password on the device gives the error above no authorisation. Would you be so kind to delete old passwords?

You will find the function to edit the password for this device. You are totally correct. I thought the login password and device password where the same Thanks, good work! Hi, it means problem with certificate. It looks you have old firmware please update it. It will help. But now I can't sync any of my data back onto the phone. The sync succeeds but no contacts or calendar appointments are transferred back onto the phone.

What's happening? Please delete your phone from PhoneCopy profile and assign it back as new device. It will synchronize all data from PhoneCopy back to your mobile. Solved this by deleting my phone from the Devices list in my settings, then syncing my phone, restoring all the deleted contacts events and notes, then syncing my phone again.

More complicated than it really has to be Sorry for that, but we decided for that procedure for basic phones to avoid unwanted deletion of contacts. Hello, I imported all of my contacts from an iPhone 5 successfully to PhoneCopy. Now I am all set up on my new Nokia , but when I sync, only one contact gets through. I've tried several times, and each time its the same one contact. Any help is appreciated!!! Hello, first of all, check your account for empty contacts or contacts with empty name. These can cause problems to Nokia phones. That fixed my problem!

Can I sync sms from Nokia E71 Will these sms be deleted on the phone? How can I transfer the sms to another device e. Hi, you can synchronize SMS from Nokia. Synchronization means you will have SMS in both phone and online profile. Yes you can transfer it ot Samsung Note 4, but that feature is part of Premium Sybscription. Please check our guides on https: First of all your account is blocked as you exceeded number of contacts for free version more than 7 days ago. If you want to get contacts synchronized to phone after reset, the best way is to delete it from profile and assign it back.

PhoneCopy will understand it is new empty phone and will synchronize contacts to it. It seems to sync then says 'unable to open database'. I choose 3 to do the syncing and have renamed the databases as on the instruction page eg, 'Contacts' etc. Any ideas what the problem might be? Please select "both ways" as it is written in the instructions. You selected "from device" which can make troubles you are reporting. I am not able transfer contacts from Nokia to Redmi Note. Kindly help. There is not option to Store it in SIM.

To get contacts from your Lumia to PhoneCopy, please follow our guide: I have a nokia e72, and when i Sync only 5 conatcts come accross, but I have 88? I have tried saving all contacts to the phone and to the sim and syncing again but no luck? Please check once more if you have all your contacts in the phone memory. If you have it stored on SIM, please copy it to memory first. Yes, they are.

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Infact, I now have duplicates as they are saved on both sim and phone. In case of any problem you can restore deleted contacts from Deleted Contacts folder of your online profile at www. Please try https: Hello; I juste registered: The result on Phone Copy is: OK; Agenda: Tried a second time: Hi, there is a bug on some E6 firmwares making available only calendar items which were created after synchronization settings. Please try to add test event to your online profile and synchronize, then try add new one to E6.

I expect it will work, but old events can't be accessed. HI thanks for the suggestion; here is the result: OK but the event appears under the category 'Phone COpy' 1. Last strange effect: I synced my contacts to my android phone, but my calendar is not synced. But I can see the calendar on the PhoneCopy server. What must I do to sync the only the calendar to my Android phone?

Calendar on android is not currently supported. If you want to synchronize it back to C7, you need to delete C7 from your online profile contacts remain ther unchanged and then you will assign it back. PhoneCopy will take it as new device and will transfer contacts to it. We didn't find any Nokia synchronized with your username to our server. However, every time I sync the Nokia, it just uploads no contacts to PhoneCopy rather than downloading those stored from the iPhone. Any ideas what to do? Many thanks D.

Hi, there is not any Nokia synchronized with your username. Please check phone settings. Everytime I synchronise my N97 it show me synchronise complete but in website says synchronization failed!!! Hello, try to change the contacts database name setting in the phone to something different, e. This should help. New user here!! I have a Nokia Lumia I have written down the settings needed to set up my phonecopy account on the phone.

Am I correct in assuming that I do NOT need to manually associate the Lumia to my account on the website - the association will happen automatically when I first sync the phone will do this tonight!? Yes, just se it and it will work. Don't forget there is another guide for synchronization TO server https: Yes, you can create two contacts groups and each of ther assign to different device. After synchronization contacts from old group will disapear from the phone and contacts from new group will replace it. Hi, I tried syncing up my calendar entries from my nokia c7.

Nothing synced and my calendar in phone copy has 0 entries. I see contacts alone have moved. Can u please check n help? Hi, it is known Nokia Symbian3 bug. It doesn't allow to synchronize existing calendar events. It allows to synchronize only events created after PhoneCopy. My first backup was very fast and successful. I did another one in October.

Yesterday I tried to sync but it took a long time and failed. It failed three times. I didn't change anything in my phone. I restarted my phone several times. I deleted configuration ,restarted the phone and created it again but it failed again. I have enough credit and the network is working properly. What is the problem?

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Hi, from our records it looks synchronization was canceled by interupted connection twice then the last one wasn't finished. Can you please check your mobile internet connection? Please note in case you are using WAP type of connection, some operators block it. Thanks a lot for replying Everything is the same. I use this phone as a secondary phone to write notes and message templates. I didn't change anything Today particularly , I received a message from my Network Operator that I have 3 megabytes free for 24 hours!

What is your mobile internet profile also called APN? Have Nokia C When I get to 'Account name My synchronisation' there is no option of 'Phonecopy' for the next step. How do I progress from here? Please check your steps with our tutorial https: This guide will help: What do I enter in remote database?

It is written in our all guides and tutorials. Synchronisation used to work very well for me but has stopped doing so. I set up a new sync profile but it still does not work. It doesnt appear to be. Can you fix that please? Hi, i fixed it for you. You had assigned the same phone with different username to your profile before.

I reassigned it with newly entered user name and now it works. It looks you delete all your contacts and calendar events when you synchronized erased phone to your online account. Final step "Server Sync" gives this Message, "Data transfer not possible.

Many thanks. Hi, you need to have data transfers enabled on your SIM card and correct mobile internet settings. Good day, I have got an really old Nokia without internet. Is it possible to connect this old phone through my laptop or desktop to the PhoneCopy server to be able to transfer my contacts and calender items to the cloud? No, if you want to use PhoneCopy you need to use at least for a while active SIM card with data transfer enabled. Please check our guide https: You need to get sim card with data for a while to be able to use phonecopy on your phone.

Hi, I synced my iPhone contacts to Phonecopy without any problems, but now that I try to sync the contacts with my Nokia Asha , it says sync failed. I followed all instructions to the letter. What can be the problem? Hello, I can see some successful sync in your profile since then. If you still experience problems, contact support via Help section on this website.

I am trying to transfer contacts from Nokia Asha to Galaxy S4. I've set up PhoneCopy on Personal config. Hello, sometimes the sync option has quite different name. What about "server sync" item? Can someone help please I have synchronized my Iphone and now i want to sync my Nokia N95 8GB but it just keeps saying invalid user name or password but they are correct as i use them to log into here, can anyone help please??

This can be solved via support request only. I have contact in my 2 diff device can i sync two device to my phonecopy account? Yes, you can connect both devices to single account ans synchronized it. You can combine contacts from both of them and you can easily solve duplicates using our duplicates manager. Third device can be synchronized as well but you will need Premium account to synchronize more than 2 devices.

Ok Thanks, I have tried but when i sync from my E63 one device already synced this is 2nd it started sync and completed but when i see log it show 0 contact synced. Nokia needs to be assigned but i looked to our records and there isn't any Nokia synchronized under your username. Please follouw our guide https: How do I delete excess contacts to fall below the threshold of to work with the free version? Just press Contacts icon in your online profile and manage contacts in way you wish: Thank you for this advice. I have had a look at the link and it appears that if I make a deletion it would be removed from BOTH my computer and phone at the next synchronisation.

Is it possible to select the contacts for deletion on the phone ALONE and leave the master contact list on the computer unchanged? PhoneCopy synchronizes contacts between phone and the server. If you want keep copy of deleted contacts you can download it in form of CSV file to your computer, then you can delete it from both server and phone. I have a nokia I registered phonecopy about 2 years ago and that time i had a successful sync.

I saw someone had this problem like me too and he had posted it but actually whether I read the solution carefully I didn't get it. I just understood it's from a mistake that phone doesn't recognize the right password. I do not have former password, since I've changed it. You can set new password into your device and then you need to tell PhoneCopy. Please go to following page https: Thanks a lot! Hi, I have taken the backup in phonecopy database and I have formatted my phone..

Now I want to restore the data from phonecopy website to my phone. Please share the steps for restoring the data.. Thanks in Advanced ishu Hi, we recommend you to delete your Nokia from your online profile and then associate it back. PhoneCopy will take it as new phone added to profile and will transfer all data to it. Good day again so I'm sitting since 3 hours but so difficult that's not everything has been performed as described. All config files reinstalled from Anbiter and it starts the sync case there will not permit.

Universe seems to agree was made after manual Nokia Thanks if anyone could help me. Otherwise, the program would be pointless if it does not work for me. There was issue realted to wrong password in the phone which we corrected and now it seems to be working. Germany Winning The World Cup! Ole Ole Ole ole. Hi have nokia configured according to instructions if I want to do is sync starts but then comes no Genehmiung. Password and data but agree.

What to do? Hi, following guide should work as we have plenty of synchronizing users who use Nokia Please check https: Hi, how do I sync my calendar to my iphone 5c? I have downloaded the PCalendar app to my iphone, but when I syncronise from phonecopy to device it says "New calendar events have come from server. Choose the calendar in which new events are supposed to be saved" but I don't know how to do that. You need to create local calendar.

Try to run default Calendar app and click top-left button "Calendars" and then click "Edit" button to add local calendars. Unfortunately, if you have some iCloud calendars already, you are not able to create any local calendar in default Calendar app from Apple. You can disable iCloud calendars in the iPhone settings - "Mail, Contact, Calendars…", then create local calendar in Calendar app and then make calendar sync from PhoneCopy server with PCalendars app and then you can enable iCloud calendars again, if you want.

We will find workaround for this in the next version of PCalendars app. Also - make sure you have enabled PCalendars application in Privacy settings go to iPhone settings and then "Privacy" and then "Calendars". HI, I have Nokia X, how do I transfer my sms's over to phonecopy and then sync them with an iphone 5c? I dont see any synchronization in personal configuration settings.. Sorry, in some cases firmware can be sligtly changed by operator and some features are not available.

If you will not find anything related to synchronization, we can't help you. Explain how to copy the contacts from phonecopy website to my nokia mobile. How to sync from web to phone?

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I have tried sync from phone to phonecopy site. But contacts not copied to phone. Pl help. Just delete phone from your profile and assign it back. PhoneCopy will take it as new phone and will synchronize all contacts to it. I tried many times. But i couldn't find a way to restore it. SMS are blocked by Nokia. You can't upload it back to the phone. Bookmarks are not suppored as almost nobody is using it. Now i am not able to sync contacts to mmy nokia E5, it shows "system error".

Kindly help me to resolve this. Because you changed password in your phone several times and never returned back to original one. We made several corrections and now it should work. Please try it and reply if it helped. Now you entered an email address as username but you have to revert back to your username. Thank you for your esteemed help and quick supprt. I manage to synchronize the contacts from my Nokia , but when I try to synchronize the calendar, notes and sms nothing seems to happen. Even though it doesn't give me an error message.

There is also an 'x' number of sms on the server, but when I hit synchronization it doesn't transfer to the device Can you help me solving this problem? Hello, we can see that your sync from Nokia was successful and you had problems with transferring the data to your Android phone. Our Android app only supports syncing of contacts and SMSs. Additionally we allow both-way SMS sync on Android only for users with premium subscription. See our Pricing section for details. I have successfully backed up contacts and notes from my Nokia C astound to phonecopy but my calendar did not back-up even though I included it in sync profile.

How do I trabsfer my calendar to phonecopy? Hi, sorry but it is common limit of Nokia C7 firmware. When you create PhoneCopy synchronization profile on phone it creates new calednar which is synchronized to PhoneCopy. But previous calendar is not accessible at all and there is not a chance to get it synchronized.

It is reported bug but Nokia doesn't react at all.

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You can try new event added to PhoneCopy. After a sync most of my google contacts on my home computer are gone accumulated over many years. Any way to get them back? Any deleted contacts can be found and restored from Deleted Contacts folder. I looked to your profile and found you restored it already. Good morning, all. I am using a Nokia Lumia It is visible here on my account and says it was Synchronized 13 minutes ago, however I have no contacts at all in my contacts list here.

I have around contacts on my phone. However these contacts are attached to other accounts on the phone. I linked all the accounts into a single inbox. There is no instruction at all as to how to trigger a manual synch. How can I force the contacts to synch or do I have to wait until the next automatic synch to see if this troubleshooting step worked for me? Hi, unfortunately currently we have solution to synchronize contacts from the server to Lumia only. We will launch Lumia to server synchronization soon. Hi When I synced contacts from Gmail, my Nokia Asha is displaying only 50 contacts out of a total of Can you help with this?

Hi, how did you synchronized contacts from gmail to PhoneCopy? Hi I've managed to sync all the contacts this time, and it's worked fine. Pleaee check our guide https: Please try each data type individually to discover which data type makes problem. Try Calendar only, then notes only, then SMS only. And ther you try all four data types together.

Each time, sync reports success but the calendar is not synced. Could this be because I have a "free" PhoneCopy account and more then events in my calendar or is this something I can fix? Hi, sorry but it is common limit of Nokia firmware. I need help I need transfer contacts from nokia to Iphone 4s. Application write: Hi, please check if you have data transfer enabled from your mobile operator.

Also please check if you used correct mobile internet connection also called Access Point or APN in the PhoneCopy settings in your mobile phone. I'm not able to synchronise my contacts with Phonecopy sever , Please support - Nokia Lumia model. Hi, sorry bud for Lumia currently we don't support Device to Server synchronization. I have synched all my contacts, is there a way that my nokia C5 can automatically sync when changes are made to contacts either on phone or web?

No, you have to synchronize it manually. Hi, you have to delete C6 from your online profile and then associate it back. I have sent all my contacts to PhoneCopy two years ago. I got another old phone from a friend. It is a better phone and it is supported by PhoneCopy.

I want to do the reverse now but I don't know how. How do I get PhoneCopy to send all my contacts to my new phone. Hi, just find your phone in our supported devices list and follow our guide how to set it. Or contact our support by email and they will send you step by step guide. I followed all steps as required until I tried to sync my Nokia E to my computer and got a msg " Feature Not supported!

Hi, it seems to be related to some mistake when you created synchronization profile in your Nokia. Please check your steps with our step by step guide: Moreover i didn't find any Nokia contacting our server using your username which should be based on mobile connection problems as well. Hi there, I have merged some contacts, deleted others and tidied up other contacts on the web-site. However, I am unclear as to how to get this same info on my phones. Do I need to do a sync on the phone? Does this happen automatically when I change contacts on the website? I know the sync must go two ways to my htc phone since that's how I got the contacts on there in the first place.

Is there a simpler guide as to how this all works? My 2 phones and the website are all now showing different contacts to some degree. Hi, after changes you have to synchronize your phone. Any changes made on phone will be transferred to PhoneCopy. Hi I just made hard reset on my nokia E I want to back up information to my phone. I set up PhoneCopy profile on my Nokia E72 and tried to synchronyze to phone, but see notification "Unable to open database".

What mistake I could do? I can't find what I did wrong. Please check configuration with our step by step guide https: Hi, i am using a i and am trying to back up my contacts, i have followed your steps which were very helpful, but when i get to sync it says synchronisation failed as i need to "subscribe to GPRS" first?

Hi, for GPRS connection please contact your mobile operator. I just created an account today to sync my nokia lumia so i can transfer contacts and calendar to my iphone. Hi, sorry but as noted in the instructions we currently support only synchronization direction from PhoneCopy. Hi, reason is Nokia blocks uploading SMS back to phone. It works only from phone to PhoneCopy. My N97 says says connecting Hi, it should work over Wi-Fi as well. Please check your settings with our step by step guide: I have a nokia E5 trying to sync so I can transfer to samsung galaxy precendent says it sync then it gives an error message.

What am I doing wrong? I successfully syncd m contacts from Nokia E63 to Galaxy S3 but sms is not being syncd Hi, did you checked on your E63 in the synchronization profile to include SMS in synchronization? I tried including sms but its not syncng. Sms are more than thousand in number. I found all SMS synchronized successfully to your profile. Calendar can be synchronized from PhoneCopy. Regarding Nokia C7: What should I do with this??

Good Day, I am trying to sync contacts between phonecopy and 2 Nokia devices but somehow sync fails despite initial upload part of the sync works ok. From web logs I can see that "sync failed, interrupted" and in the phone sync report it shows only "failure". I believe that one of the info in contacts special characters may be this happens but there is no detail information about which one creates problem so far deleted contact photos,dublicates,etc but could not find anything.

Help please After deleting all contact profile pictures, sync worked as expected I hope you can find something in the logs if its phonecopy integration issue, otherwise, this message may help other users as a cure for same issue. Hello, we checked some logs from January 7th. At some point the phone started complaining that the received item is too large probably due to the photo in it and began returning unspecified errors on each further item received. Most probably you are right about the contact photos.

It's possible that the phone cannot handle such amount of data via synchronization protocol. In synced state both phones only send changes, so you can try add photos back to the contacts by one item and then sync after each change. Thanks support for the answer.

After deleting all photos, it worked as expected. By copying the pictures to the phone and assigning them later via the phone capabilities worked to restore. It might be good idea to put some warning to the phone howto page about this weakness. Hello all, I did all procedures from the online guide but while with contacts the sync gone right with the sms it doesn't work. Please could someone help me? You have more than thousand of synchronized SMS stored in your profile.

I know and for this reason I want to sync on my phone but it doesn't work. Is The reason of sync failure the numer of sms? Hi, i found mistake in the phone settings. Please check your settings and set correct database for SMS synchronization. I still cannot get Calendar info from your server onto my iPad. Contacts come over fine and PCalendar says it has syncronised and a dummy event has been, correctly, deleted from the iPad Calendar but none of the events from the server are shown.

Gmail issues on Nokia E61i

What must I do? I am not using iCloud and have a local Calendar. When trying to synchronise with your database PCalendar says there are 56 events coming across and synchronised, but nothing is visible in iCalendar. A dummy event set up in iCalendar was, as expected, deleted but NO new events are seen.

Configurare Gmail pe Symbian OS 9.2

Why are the events no appearing? Getting Error Invalid use name or password I am able to directly login into phonecopy. Any Suggestion?? Hello, we are very sorry for delay. Visit https: Hi guys, I have a N73 music edition, and the syncro , at phone side, stops just after seconds, at the 40th contacts on I have exactly the same error as above " invalid user or password". I have reset the password multiple times without success. Your link above does not change the situation. I am just tryng to sync the phone contacts and nothing else.

HI, i tried to manage it on the server and hope now the synchronization will proceed and user name and password error will not appear anymore. If you will have still problems i recomment you to check your phone settings with our step by step guide: I appreciate the help very much, but it still doesn't work. I have tried intentionally to use a "wrong" password and it behaves different: When I use the correct password, I see the progress until the 40th contact and then the usual warning " invalid user or password" and the usual stop.

Last attempt: I have erased the 40th contact from the phone. All without effect.