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So, if you have decided to take the plunge and opted for a sustainable and free energy to recharge your high-tech items. Bestlife4us has reviewed for you the 5 best solar chargers. If you are looking for another original way to charge your phone, discover our selection of the best induction charger.

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  • The best solar chargers for your phone, tablet, and other battery-powered gear.

Specializing in the battery industry, especially in the manufacture of external backup batteries, mobile phone replacement batteries, adapters and chargers, RAVPower is one of the world leaders in this market. Created in , the company has sold millions of copies of its products around the world. Indeed, this portable model of 16 watts is particularly powerful and adapted to nomadism. Founded in , Poweradd has since built a solid reputation as a manufacturer of high-end electronic products. With the desire to give a large place to the ecology in its range, the brand has developed quality solar panels but also powerbanks very well designed.

This is the case with his model Apollo 2, a nomadic battery that keeps all its promises. Indeed, just look at its performance to find that it is quite possible to go hiking with its mobile devices without worrying about the battery failure. Proof of its high capacity mAh Poweradd powerbank provides three refills of an iPhone 7, two refills of a Samsung S8, and a refill of an iPad Air 2, a tablet known for its battery of great autonomy.

The Best Solar Chargers for Your Smartphone or Tablet | Digital Trends

Very practical when you go hiking or camping, collapsible solar panels become quickly unavoidable when one is equipped with mobile devices and that one wants to travel serenely. The brand BigBlue has understood and offers here one of the references in the field. Beyond an unbeatable value for money, the solar receiver offers great charging performance. With a featherweight of only g, and a folded thickness of 2.

Its energy efficiency of With a growing reputation in the solar external battery products market, Bernet offers a solar charger with very interesting properties. Of course, anyone who knows anything about smartphones or anything running on batteries in fact will realize that a screen cannot act as a solar energy collector.

Charge your Android phone using a 'Solar Charger' app? Well, no...

In other words, leaving your device in the sun will never recharge its battery, no matter what apps you have installed. So, there are useless apps in the Play Store.

Except the ad-hoc communities of trolls that rate the apps with five stars and offer glowing reviews, that are in many cases, hilarious. Downloaded fine and installed perfectly. I am an engineer experienced in pv cells, so I went to radio shack and bought some stuff, installed my Asus transformer onto my roof, and now I can power my hair dryer and one 23W cfl simply with this app! Amazing phone charged in hours!!!

Not only that I then plugged my phone to connect my laptop to the internet and power it at the same time!

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Later when a cold caller came round I plugged a broken power lead into my phone activated the app and tasered the bloke. Brilliant app!

I have no idea how but it does, see I ran over a flying pig and was stranded in the middle of La La Land with a nearly dead phone. Love the app keep up the good work!!! After downloading this app I was able to fight off Chuck Norris,. Edward from Twilight, and I lost pounds in two hours! Not only did this app work really well, but my wife and I conceived immediately after installation — something the Dr said was impossible due to my not having genitals. Alas, with no way to tell my mother I would be late, I thought myself dissowned and cut out of the will.

It even includes a LED emergency light which has three lighting modes: Unlike some of the clunkier, hard-shell builds on the market, the Arc 20 Watt Solar Charger easily fastens to a variety of awnings, packs, and tents, allowing for consistent charging throughout your adventure. While the Renogy E. Solar Paper is the thinnest solar charger available. It measures a mere 0. In theory, with no battery to worry about, this particular solar charger could last a long time.

Another nice feature is SmartIC, which will intelligently detect the type of device and deliver just the right amount of power to charge the device as quickly as possible. A simple stand on the back of the device extends functionality even further, giving you a means for positioning the solar charger in direct sunlight. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Don't Miss.

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