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Searched for this a lot, but everywhere its only about contacts. I would like to copy my precious messages to the new phone as well. Please help out. Thanks a bunch. NeaL Pradeep. Guilherme P. Hey neal how to import the contacts.. Great tutorial. I need to change back to Nokia PC Suite. When you have hundreds of contacts this trick will work fine, thanks for the detailed instructions! Thanks heaps.

Send business cards. No need to do this way. Could not be simpler. Sir, only the names got copied. Can you help me get the numbers copied?.

Samsung Galaxy S II support.

Try by Syncin your Nokia first with outlook. Start kies with your Android connected. Again sync with outlook. It is done. Again sync with Google.

Guide: How to Transfer Nokia Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S9/8/7/6

Now every time you factory reset your Android, simply sync with your google acocout after getting connected. It takes 3 or 4 minutes to sync all your contacts. Dr K A Rasheed, Your method is most simple and easy.

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It was succesful for me. However, when I synced with google, it flashed a message that the account used for syncing is the same as in the device, hence cannot proceed. If I use another account, will it proceed? Your email address will not be published. Android Advices. Related Items: Rolandas March 21, at 3: Cameron August 10, at Mubarak April 4, at Pradeep Neela June 2, at 3: Pavan Nagubadi March 31, at 7: Hi Very useful info thanks for sharing ….

How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7

Pradeep Neela April 3, at 1: Queena March 13, at 3: Chandan D January 31, at Alex Joselin July 17, at Radhe Rajput July 8, at Thanks, Radhe. Mallikarjung53 July 13, at San August 11, at 9: Rajeev June 25, at 6: Thanks a tonne for your valuable advice, through blue tooth is works like a magic.

Martin July 7, at 7: Mike July 2, at Deux Milliards June 20, at 3: Pradeep Neela June 20, at Shasha May 31, at 8: Pradeep Neela August 21, at 6: Sanil May 16, at New Galaxy Note User April 22, at 6: Skbang March 25, at 2: Cheers Sk. Neela Pradeep March 27, at Donald March 14, at 3: Hasan March 14, at 8: Neela Pradeep March 8, at 7: Afonmead February 22, at 1: Aziz Khan January 30, at 4: Regards, Aziz Khan.

Raza October 15, at 1: David October 1, at 2: Worked a treat and without having to buy any software …… thanks so much.

Lumia Contacts to Samsung Galaxy

Daniel September 22, at Hariprasad B S September 19, at NeaL Pradeep September 16, at NeaL Pradeep September 19, at 1: Naveed September 14, at 7: This i have been searching for long time.. I did it thanks once again. September 2, at 5: The items being transferred will be displayed on your screen.

Those which have been fully transferred will be marked as "Success". Note that, if you disconnect either of the phones while transferring process is ongoing, the process is interrupted and you may not be able to get back all your data. After the process is complete, click on "OK" button to end the process. To transfer contacts from Nokia Window phone to Samsung using MobileTrans is not a direct procedure because MobileTrans cannot read Windows phone contacts directly.

First you will be required to backup your contacts to One Drive.

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Finally, restore them to your Samsung phone. Here is a step by step guide to allow phone to phone transfer of contacts. Click on the part written "Add Contacts". This takes you to a part labeled "Add an account", next to "Get apps". Next, choose "Microsoft Account" and click on "Sign In". When the backup process is completed, you can now restore your contacts to a Samsung device. This is simply done by selecting "Restore from backup" option then "OneDrvie" from the pop-up screen. Sign in to your One Drive account and "Contacts" will be selected by default from the list.

Click on "Start Transfer".

The whole process is easy and it is only a matter of minutes before you have whole the contacts and data transferred to another phone. Do not take the long route to transfer your contacts to Android just because you are using a Windows phone. Mar 09, Product-related questions?

Transfer contacts from Nokia to Samsung. Gone are the days when Nokia phones used to be the leading mobile phone in the market. It has fast replaced by smartphones given their additional excellent features and also their size. The fact also that Nokia has recently switched its operating system to Windows has increasingly drove off its loyal customers. With a Samsung phone in handy transferring contacts manually from a Nokia, contact list proves to be tedious and above all time consuming.

The good thing is there are a couple of professionally designed tools to help make the process simple with minimal errors being made. Part 1: Use Nokia Ovi Suite to transfer contacts from Nokia to Samsung To transfer you contacts from a Nokia cell phone to Samsung, you can opt for a free method.

Here is the process: Step 1.

Step 2: Selecting What to Transfer Start the app and look for the part written "Tools".