Apps running slow on galaxy s3

If this is something you want to try,back up all of your important data and photos first. Factory reset will wipe your phone to out of the box condition.

Best tips to improve performance on Samsung Galaxy S3

I guess there is no other way than a "brutal clean-up". Muilisx Android Expert. You can download Avast, run a scan, you can download Malwarebytes and run a scan. You probably just have a huge build up of cache, and temp BS.

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You can also turn the phone off, hold home volume up, and power and when you see the Samsung logo, and the lettering pop up in the corner let go of the power button only, and you'll go into the recovery menu. Choose the option that says wipe cache data, and then select reboot device. This can help speed up a slow phone as it wipes some cache but you'll still want to download a cache cleaner app that cleans app cache.

I use CCleaner. Share This Page Tweet. Do you already have an account? I had bought this phone back in and was just about to throw it away but your tips and tricks were very helpful. Awesome job mate. Kit Kat 4.

Back up all your data and flash 4. Way faster than 4. Aside from that functionality crippling, it's a nice send off for the S3 4G. Google up "Install Official Android 4. Rooted Galaxy S3 VM. I installed System Tuner. I adjusted the governors on cpu to performance instead of on demand and opened both cpu to full. I have noticed a significant improvement on response time. The processing speed is choked other wise. Over the time my Galaxy S3 I became very slow, so slow that I almost gave up and bought a new phone, but what solved my problem was rooting the phone and replacing the ROM with KitKat 4.

If your phone is also slow then first you need to root your phone, I used the free eBook from this sit galaxys3booster. After you rooted your phone you can replace your ROM, you can find guides in Google, I used the guide from the site above. Hi G3, please, can you give us the ROM's name that you installed? Bang on tips to breathe new life into s3 that has been abandoned by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 - Clear App Cache | Verizon Wireless

In addition I've found that disabling phone search in Google now options has really made my phone much more responsive I have a 1gb ram s3. Not rooted. Running latest jellybean. Running Google now launcher. Smartphones are becoming a necessity in modern day life, but with so many choices, it can be hard to choose.

Speeding up your smartphone is a must so that it can keep up with your multitasking activities. I rooted my S3 and put Omnirom V5 on it. Very pleased with the OS, as it comes with KitKat 4.

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With a mhz battery in it , life is great between charges, but takes a bit longer than standard battery. CyanogenMod made for a performance.

How to Speed Up Samsung Galaxy S3 for faster performance [2018]

No lagging when you use it,not like the stock rom. Your device will lag when you used stock rom but your battery not drain to much. It's the different between custom rom n stock rom. My advice is,your can choose another custom rom from xda site like neatrom,omega,sen s5 and another custom rom. Choose wisely. You can also speed it up by rooting it. Since it is out for two years now, the warranty is off anyways.

The international version of the Galaxy S3, with serial no. GT-I, can easily be rooted with Framaroot. Just Google it. You don't even need a PC for that. And I am also a great fan of The Drop Box.

Troubleshoot when your Samsung Galaxy S III slows, freezes, or turns off unexpectedly

It easily backs up everything important, so I don't have to go through all the trouble of turning on a PC. But now I have to do something with the battery-life. It drains really quickly. Any Ideas? The best, most efficient, and the most common sense thing to do is, get an iPhone. Showing you all how obnoxious it is to behave like some of you do in Apple sites. If you got an old iPhone like the 4s and installed iOS 8 and ur Problem is definetly that it is to slow Then there is only One thing that can really speed up your phone, go and buy a new iPhone 6.

If your phone has low memory you will have to delete data from your phone in order to improve the performance. Some apps run in the background when you are not using them and also, some apps consume more energy than others. So first check the amount of battery used by each application and then uninstall or disable them one by one. To do so:. Factory reset is the last step and also a quick way to eliminate the problems that could be caused by third-party apps. There are several ways to create a backup of your phone. Follow the below steps to create a backup first. I have tried all these, nothing is working to stop the frequent freezing of my phone.

It keeps hanging up even after factory reset, No SD card and the rest practices. Please help me what to do. I can see the normal screen with the apps, but as soon as this happens completely freeze, I cant go to settings, I cant connect it to the computer either.

I went to a specialized shop and they asked for euro to fix it, telling me that will take up to 10 minutes to fix it. So I told them nicely to go get some lollipops and I left.