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10 best live wallpaper apps for Android

Christian ringtones. Wedding Dance Videos Follow mobiles Family Filter: Community Forum Groups. They look gorgeous, are slightly customizable, and more. Most of them include a parallax effect, small weather and environment customizations, and more. These are really very good. They're also relatively inexpensive. Water Garden Live Wallpaper Price: Water Garden Live Wallpaper is a good one for fans of water. It features excellent water rippling effects, pretty fish, and various nature scenes. The water splashes can be a little excessive. However, a lot of that stuff is customizable. It's also has tablet support.

There really isn't much to this one. It's just a pond with some fish and some splashes. It's just really smooth and looks really good. You can pick it up for free. Additional features are available as in-app purchases. Wave Price: Wave is one of the better minimal live wallpaper apps. It's mostly black with some waves of color that pass by.

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It's highly customizable so it should work with almost any theme. It could make your theming a little easier. The free version received its last update in Thus, we recommend you try the paid version. Just test it out before the refund time expires. Thank you for reading! Here are some final articles to check out!

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If we missed any great Android themes, tell us about them in the comments! Both sites have some pretty hardcore theming threads! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists! Buy now! Unfortunately, the forums have been discontinued. All discussion has been moved to the comments section of our articles, so start clicking on the topics you're interested in to dive back into the conversation!

Here are some more Android themes and apps that you might like! Action Launcher Price: Action Launcher is a great place to start for theming. It comes with some basic theming elements. It can auto-customize the colors of the launcher from the colors on your wallpaper. Additionally, it has a variety of customization options to make everything look pretty much how you want. That includes Android 7. It's also a rock solid launcher app.

You can do all kinds of fun Android themes with this one and a little elbow grease. Evie Launcher is another excellent launcher with a lot of individual customization options. Facer or WatchMaker Price: Free with in-app purchases each. Android Wear has an extensive theming system. Facer and WatchMaker are probably the pinnacles of that. Both of them allow you to custom make watch faces for your Android Wear device. You can also find thousands of watch faces from other people.

You can upload your designs and contribute to that number as well. Facer also supports Gear S2 and S3 devices. Those with Android Wear can use theming apps like these to make their watches look just as awesome as their phones with a little bit of work. Gboard or SwiftKey Price: Free each. Gboard and SwiftKey are two of the most popular Android keyboards. They're both excellent for theming as well. SwiftKey has more unique themes along with seasonal themes and things like that.

Top 10 Best Free Wallpaper Apps For Android (2018)

Gboard's theming is a little more basic. However, both keyboards have custom theming available on top of the preset stuff. There are other keyboards with this functionality. Gboard and SwiftKey are simply the two best ones in terms of actual usability as well as theming. Plus, they're both free with no in-app purchases or ads.

15+ Cool Best themes for android download Free

Thank you Google and Microsoft! KWGT is a custom widget maker.

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It features a ton of various features to make the widgets that you want. The app has support for Google Fit, most sensor data, weather, and even stuff like custom made countdown timers. It also has Tasker support for even more functionality. KLWP is a live wallpaper maker. It also shares many features with KWGT. These are excellent for Android themes.