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You will get the bonus points money for position, knock-downs, drift distance, jump length, other bonuses and minus points if you get wrecked. Asphalt 6 Adrenaline is a continuation of the series Gameloft Asphalt, but with improved HD graphics, new routes and cars.

Of course, Asphalt 6 turned out better than the old series, but with same gameplay. Drive powerful cars, smart rivals, and even tuning. The racing game is a kind of focus training and activity aimed at satisfying the needs of a user in entertainment, gaming, stress relieving, and also in developing certain skills. You can play with your friends and colleague through internet over Wi-Fi up to total six players.

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You can purchase various cars from Asphalt Store and tune them. Paint your favorite color, attach a spoiler or even install a powerful engine. For every victory you get money that can be spent on tuning or buying a new wheelbarrow. If you think no one will defeat you then race with the multiplayer mode up to six players.

You can share your results with your friends or post the result on the board of honor. Incredible HD graphics will please with its saturation, and the mind blowing sounds of the engine will make you scream with delight. The glare of the sun has become visible and the machines are simply drawn perfectly. The controlling options are steering wheel, an accelerometer and keys, but only if your device has a touch screen. You can download Gameloft Asphalt 6 Adrenaline easily from the link provided below and install on any Nokia Symbian, Samsung, LG and Motorola Java mobile phones which supports jar and jad format.

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Achieve the knock-down goal within the time limit and the crowd will love you. In a drift race, achieve drift distance objective within the time limit. Space and time then become somewhat fluid anyone remember the TV series ' Street Hawk '? There are in fact two sorts of nitro power ups - combine them it's not entirely clear how and you get a dramatic neon super-speed effect, as shown below.

Tapping the left hand side of the screen acts as a brake and is best employed for forcing the car into an artistic and fun 'drift' through a corner. You can make most corners at full speed with just accelerometer steering, which is rather unrealistic, but you'll want to do plenty of drifting and sliding if you're in Asphalt 6 HD's target 'boy racer' market, I suspect A head on collision with an oncoming truck at these insane speeds is certain death in the real world - here in Asphalt 6 HD it just means a dramatic slow motion 'damage' sequence lasting a few seconds and then you're back on the road as if nothing had happened.

This is arcade land, remember, if you wanted realism you wouldn't be playing a game which saw you racing against oncoming traffic for extra thrills in the first place You also get slow-mo sequences when you eliminate an opponent by veering into them and forcing them into the track sides. It's quite easy to do and thankfully the other cars seem less robust than your own.

So, what of the racing?

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I've driven at mph around kph in real life and the speeds here look about right, in terms of movement through the wonderfully rendered scenery. But, as Ewan observed in looking at prevous versions, the feel through the corners is all arcade - there's little sense of mass and momentum. Scraping a barrier or smashing into lamposts doesn't usually slow you down at all and in fact sometimes gets you extra credits "Urban havoc" etc.

The overall difficulty level is, if anything, geared towards beginners, in that even with a few crashes along the way, judicious use of the nitro boosts can get you into a placing position fairly easily. But there's plenty of gameplay ahead of you in career mode, with "opponents in 11 different leagues with 55 events". But there's more. Quite a bit more, in fact.

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Even supposing that you make your way through all 55 races in Career mode, there's genuinely unlimited gameplay by introducing real, human opponents with a great Multiplayer mode. Pocket Full of Apps. Retrieved October 17, Retrieved August 31, All About Symbian.

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